About Würzburg

Here you can find some important links and informations about Würzburg.  


For general information about Würzburg, please visit the official site: http://www.wuerzburg.de/en/index.html

General information about the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt can be found here: https://www.fhws.de/en/, the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences / School of Social Work's website is: https://fas.fhws.de/en/home_page.html  


Here are the top attractions in Würzburg including the Marienberg Fortress, the old bridge, the cathedral and the residence: 


Guided Tours

If you want to inform about guided tours in English, please check this website: http://www.wuerzburg.de/en/visitors/guided-walking-tours/index.html 


Here you'll find some important events in Würzburg: http://www.wuerzburg.de/en/visitors/wuerzburg-for-groups/culture-and-events/index.html 

During the conference, there's a state horticultural show in Würzburg, cf. this website https://www.lgs2018-wuerzburg.de/ (in German)

Weather and Climate

In September the weather in Würzburg is usually around 20 °C (50 °F) during day and 10 °C (68 °F) during night.

Pubs and Restaurants

To find recommended restaurants and pubs near the venue, please click on this Link to Yelp.com.

“Burse at Studentenhaus Würzburg” and „Canteen at Studentenhaus Würzburg” are operated by the student services. They are real close to the venue at Münzstr. 12 and offer delicious and affordable meals for lunch (cf. menu).